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Description Aplinet event countdown google claendar:

This application creates frames to display on your web pages a countdown to the start of your events, you can create in aplinet or import calendars .ics of google calendar.


Frame Data Instructions:

- Frame Name: Write the desired name of frame or choose a created frame for editing.

- Date format and Time format: You can order the date and time format to your liking. You can also add the words you want.
Some examples of date format:

Date format: Time format: Result
%A %m-%d-%Y %H:%M Friday 09-30-2011 20:00
%a month %m day %d year %Y %H:%M Hours. Fri month 09 day 30 year 2011 20:00 Hours.

The font size and other CSS rules can be changed separately in the date and time editing the css. For example you can set the date to a size and color and the time in another. But that is flexible, say you want to show the day of the week and time, and after the date:

Date format: Time format: Result
%A at %H:%M Hours %m-%d-%Y friday at 20:00 Hours 09-30-2011
%A at %H:%M Hours - Date: %m-%d-%Y friday at 20:00 Hours - Date: 09-30-2011

- Language for date format: This sets the language for the presentation of the days of the week and months in text format. In windows you can put the name of your language in English. In the other platforms can use the country code en-GB, en-US, fr-FR... See the table if you do not know the code of your country and language.
Note: Not all languages are supported, if don't recognizes a language or code will display the default language, English.

- Events following: Adjust the number of subsequent events to be displayed after the next event, which will be shown in first place with a countdown.

- Execute: Press this button to apply the data of the frame.

- Fields with * need to fill properly.


Instructions for creating a frame with importing a Google Calendar:

- Importing events from a calendar: If not selected click on it to show the form of import calendars.

- When you import a calendar into an existing framework, you will lose the events it contains. If you do not select a single file, data will be published in the Data section of the Framework.

- Create calendar: Google Calendar Visit the link if you have a calendar created or need to go to google calendar to create events or change what you need. Visit the Google Calendar Export Tutorial link if you have linked a Google calendar account or do not know how to export your calendar.

- Upload File .ics: Once you've downloaded the file. ics from google calendar click here to indicate where you have located and imported.

- Use the Description of the imported calendar page and link urls: If you want the names of the events appear as a link to a page, when you are creating your google calendar, put in the Description field the URL with http:// included.

- Execute: Press this button to create the framework and / or import the calendar of events.

Considerations: google calendar options that the framework has no aplinet events into account are:
In google calendar, edition of the event by clicking on selected Repeat: -> Edit ->
Repeats: No account is taken of time each month and every year.
Repeat every: Weeks 2,3,4 etc. .. Not taken into account now.
Ends after X repeat: No one takes into account time.
All other options will work properly under aplinet event.
If you need to operate with any of these functions have not yet been implemented, let us know in the forum, creating a new topic, to give them priority.
If you see any error, you have questions or suggestions, please comment in the forum by creating a new topic.


Instructions for creating a framework and an event:

- Click on Create a new event to show the form of new events.

- Fields with * need to fill properly.

- Event Name: Enter the desired name of the event.

- Frame Time Zone: Choose the time zone you need. Generally your time zone.
Don't estimated the countdown of various events in different time zones within the same framework.
If you need to display events in different time zones using one frame for each time zone.
If you add events to the same frame with different time zones will use the last zone added.
If you have previously imported a calendar and are adding events to it, the configuration will always be used time zone to last event added.

- Page link: If you want you can add a url address. This will create a link on the event name to direct users to that page.

- Date of Start: Put the date on which the event starts respecting the format with leading zeros. eg. 2011 08 04

-Time of start: Put the time that the event format begins 00 to 23 hours with leading zeros. eg. For the 12 and five of the night: 00:05

- Weekly Repeat: If the event is repeated weekly, select here the days in which you want to repeat.

- Execute: Click on this button for create the framework and / or add the event.

Editing and use of the Framework:


- Url: Wrapper: Displays the url of the frame for free use. For example you can put in an iframe, use it for a wrapper in joomla, etc.

- Code: An example of code to paste in your page. You can change all parameters of the iframe to your convenience. If you know any way to add the context of events in a blog, social network, forum, etc.. Feel free to comment in the forum.


- CSS: You can customize a frame using css rules. You can directly edit the code in the CSS, or you can copy the code and edit it in your favorite program.
To see the changes while you edit. Css in your favorite, you can right click on the frame, giving frame display source code, copy and paste into a new .html file on your computer, next to .css editing these. Check the name you give to css temporary and link to it in the header .html.
When you are done simply copy the .css code edited and paste back in the CSS window. Give CSS to save the changes. To show changes in some browsers you will also be given to refresh page (F5).


- In this area you can edit the file .ics calendar of events. Be careful to respect the ics format.

- Do not start a line with a space, in ics format which means it is part of the previous line.

- You can add comments by starting a new line with //: An example and further description.



//: This is a comment
//: This event repeats weekly on Mondays

//: This event will not link
Parametros de ics
Calendar start tag description.
Time Zone shall govern all events
Event Start Label
Event Name
Date and time of event to the time zone of creation
Repetition frequency of the event
The URL of the page that links the name of the event
Tag end of the event
End tag calendar

- Download .ccs: If needed you can download the .ics file calendar of events for editing your notepad and import it later. Be careful to respect the structure and format to import to work.

Once created, copy it and paste it within your web in the design view. To copy the window to the side click, drag to the other and hit copy. Or you can copy and paste the code modified to suit your needs. Aplinet reserves the right to block your service if the div where it appears powered by aplinet.org not completely visible.