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Attention of RealSim to English speakers
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TEMA: languages

languages 17 Jul 2011 08:29 #1

  • Waldi Draxler
  • Navegador Superior
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dear server, dear racers.
we are a group of austrian drivers from innsbruck and linz. our language is german, but we all speak a few other languages. BUT no one of us is able to speak and read spain. of corse it is a spanish server, and so spain should be spoken there. but as a help for us, do you see any possibility to make anouncments in english or german too. it would help us a lot.
greatings and let the rubber burn

Re: languages 17 Jul 2011 12:49 #2

Hi German speakers

You refer announcements as events in right sidebar of the web?
No gana el que mas corre, si no el que llega antes a meta.

Re: languages 18 Jul 2011 14:04 #3

  • Elías Rueda
  • Navegador Platino
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i have been reading you joining to the season. Wellcome to the season mates!!! I am very happy for kwnon because i think you are nice and fair players and fasts. My english is not too good, but i will be when you need it for help

Se you soon friends. i Hope see to you soon in the track.


Re: languages 18 Jul 2011 17:02 #4

  • Waldi Draxler
  • Navegador Superior
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ah elias, nice to see u.

yes we want to join the championship. klaus, markus, maybe didi (my brother) and me. we tried yesterday, but our spain is that bad that we could not join. i tried to get the force india, but i have not been acceptet. i have to work the next 10 days, i cannot reach my home computer. i let my brother try

in a way, greetings to the other racers, i hope i can join the next days


Re: languages 20 Jul 2011 19:30 #5

Hi Waldi,
welcome to our community. I speak a little of english too and I'll be a pleasure for me to be able helping you in all you need to know.
I you need to know anything about the championship, mod, or anything.... please ask it to us in this forum or using private messaging.

Re: languages 21 Jul 2011 13:25 #6

  • Waldi Draxler
  • Navegador Superior
  • Temas: 41
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hello tzardes.

thank you, and all the other guys for supporting us very friendly!!!!

so yes, we have a few problems. of corse we can use translator programms, but trust me, a lot of funny things are to read then.

we have questions to the superlicence: what is that? how to get it, and so on

when will the races be?

how are the rules? (qualifying how many fuel, which tyres)

and so on and so on.

so what we try to find, is someone in innsbruck who speaks perfect spain and gives us a good translation.
so at the beginning we will make mistakes, but i hope we get better and better during the championship.

and next year, everything will be ok. we even think of learning spain, i´m not joking!

so please give that to all the other racers you know.

best wishes to you and the others

didi, waldi, markus and klaus, innsbruck/tirol/austria

Re: languages 24 Jul 2011 21:57 #7

Hi agaiin Waldi,
sorry for my slow answer but I have been the weekend out of home y and i have returned today.
I'll try you solving all dubts that you have.
Superlincense in similar to real F1. Racers must demostrate a minimum level driving in the track of the public servers of Realsim. In addition of this, racers must have token part at least in one of the free races out of the championship. All weeks, there are several races. It is necesary because, in championship races, we begin with formation lap and warm lap and it requieres practicing...
Rules, are similars to real F1. I say you similar because, there are things that can't be controlled for the MOD. For example, in the real F1, racers have to use both components of tyres (soft and hard). Or, simulator can't check that racers use the same setup in race and qualify. In two cases, there are not limitations.
Mod haven't got KERS or DRS obviously...
Races are with the number of laps of the real race and the fuel consumption is real too..In qualify, racers can use the fuel that they want. You dont have to reach your box driving through track. You can go to boxes using the ESC botom...
Qualifies are the monday after the weekend of real f1 grand prix and races are tuesday..

Actually, our championship is full and there are not free seats but dont worry because, it is being organized an alternate championship named "Serie B". At the end of championship, best racers (i don't really know the real mumber) of "serie B" will go up to main championship ("Serie A") and worse racers of "serie A" will go down to "Serie B" championship. The process will be similar to football leagues...
You can join to the B championship from:
You need to indicate your name in the championship. It must be compound by a Name and a Surname for example Waldi Draxler. And, you have to choose your Team and the number of the car of the Mod you are going to use...
In this post, you can see free seats in "serie B" championship
And date and time of races

I hope this information is usefull for you for the beginin
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