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Collecting, editing, updating and calibration of the 20 best tracks for F1-2011 Season.

rtpIt has regulated the maximum the relacciones between tracks from different authors, as well as fidelity to reality. The result is a definitive TrackPack, carefully tested and homogeneous, making it ideal for online championship to race against AI.

New versions have been created for the rain and have been tested one by one to check for proper operation. Also in previous years circuits having complete so besides the 2013 all circuits in the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. Prepared and calibrated for online and offline tournaments Mod F1RS2013,GP2,F3

In all circuits has been edited, corrected and / or checked:
- Qualified for 26 car spaces and garages corrected appearance in or out of the pitlane.
- Revision and correction of errors in the fast drawn.
- Compatibilty with RFE rain plugin in the "RTPR" (Reco Track Pack Rain) versions.
- Display information with the characteristics of the data circuits and real F1.
- Calibration of grip and wear of asphalt each track.
- Regulated and tested fuel consumption for all tracks.
- Correction of errors in the drawn IA and improvements in behavior.
- Made many test runs and SinglePlayer MultiPlayer.
- Unique names for compatibility with other mods and original rFactor.
- Fixed errors in telemetry, telemetry all have been verified by MoTeC.
- Fixed schedule of meetings according to the programs for 2013 track.

This TrackPack has been developed, calibrated and tested in conjunction with the Mod F1RS2013

Download: _FRS-F1RS2013-RTP-_v1.0.rar (1.15 GB) | Drive | eLink | Torrent

This file contains:
- All circuits of the 2013, 2010, 2011, 2012, season including preseason.
- Versions for MP (MultiPlayer) and SP (single player) to edit mistmatch smoothly.
- Versions for Rain RFE SP and MP
- Pitstops defined for the IA.
- Setups essential for AI in all circuits tested with the Mod F1RS2013. (You can copy your folders to use the same setups, are housed in the folder: UserData \ AI-RTP)
- Circuito de Jarama to the national championship in Formula 3 and Formula Factor F1RS2013 Mod.
- loading splash screen and substantial information to address the races.
- Installer. Uninstaller.
- Setups installable for IA in different categories, F1, GP2 ... (With one click you change the setups of AI)
- Shortcuts installers setups for AI. (Only supports simultaneous category)
- Shortcuts to the readme, Uninstaller, and updates.
- Readme descriptive and informative.




We recommend our interactive guide adjustments. A fast and direct method to information on each setting, clicking on the screen capture settings of rFactor.

Interactive set-up guide for rFactor




You can resolve your concerns, suggestions, problems and errors found in:

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